10 Qualities That Get Young Engineers Hired

I asked many professionals that hire recent graduates what are the qualities they are looking for. Do you have these qualities?

Self-confidence – Fearless in asking questions, poise, and a little grit.

Self-knowledge – Know what you want to do and have a specific interest in the job

Self-driven – Passion for the job, willing to do what needs to be done

A positive attitude – ready to take on any challenge

Genuinely strives for excellence –  dedication to getting your work done while paying  attention to detail

Strong communication skills – both oral and written

Team oriented – skills and tolerance to resolve team conflicts

Leadership – ability to influence and lead

Situational flexibility – Ability to adapt to change. Quick decision making, problem solving skills, and reaction time.

Trainability – Willingness / desire to learn

3 Comments on “10 Qualities That Get Young Engineers Hired

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