Does Your LinkedIn Profile Get You Noticed?

Use these tips to help your LinkedIn profile get you noticed. Check to make sure all of the information on your profile is up to date.

  • Get a professional photo.
  • Check your professional photo with photofeeler.
  • Make your headline detailed and professional.
  • Include details and rich keywords in your summary.
  • Use all of the space available for you summary. Provide plenty of information.
  • Include your contact info. At a minimum include your “professional” email address.
  • Change your public URL to include your name.
  • Include detailed information and accomplishments about all positions.
  • Include all education, volunteering, honors, awards, and other highlights.
  • Get 10 recommendations.
  • Get 20 endorsements for the three top skills.
  • Connect with other networks and websites.
  • Join 12 groups related to your industry.
  • Update your status and sharing articles regularly.
  • Make 500+ connections in your industry.
  • Continuously maintain and add new connections.

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