Have you heard of the S.O.A.R. Method?

How do you prepare for an interview? Do you read typical questions that the employer might ask? Do you practice artful responses?

The S.O.A.R. Answer Method is helpful for preparing for interview questions and I keeps you focused on the discussion while you are answering.

This answer method work well on interview questions 11 and 15 on the article

Top 20 Interview Questions and How to Answer

 S – Situation Explain the context in the form of a real life story. This is the “before” picture which shows what was happening at the time of the situation.

For example – “I was in a meeting with more than thirty people in Italy trying to portray an idea.”


O – Obstacle Define the issue or issues that caused the problem. This will inform the interviewer what it is you had to overcome.

For example – “I only spoke English and they were speaking Italian.”


A – Action Explain the action you took to resolve the situation.

For example – “I found a translator; I analyzed the ideas and I spoke clearly and slowly waiting for the translator to finish.”


R – Results

Share the result. Share the outcome and the important knowledge you gained.

For example  “The project became more efficient and now I am able to understand more Italian.”

Thank you Mary Cornwall DTM for teaching me this method

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