Interested in an Internship?

Are you interested in an internship next summer? The time to start the process is quickly approaching. Just ask my friend Nikita Goswami. Nikita is pursuing her master’s degree in material science at the University of Texas at Arlington. She just completed her third internship overall and first at Tenova Inc. Here are her tips on your next internship.

Nikita how was your internship at Tenova in Pittsburgh?

The internship was a great experience where I learned many new things. My project was based on steel making and powder metallurgy. Since I have completed some work in powder metallurgical industry, it was interesting to recall back its concepts while working on this study. Tenova is full of friendly people who were eager to help me out when I needed. Overall, it was an interesting experience and a pleasure to work at Tenova.

What did you learn about Tenova?

Tenova is a part of the Techint group company, striving to provide innovative and reliable metal and mining solutions to its various customers and partners. Tenova has a product lines ranging from melt shop equipments to various furnaces like submerged arc furnaces, electric arc furnaces and also degassing systems like vacuum and argon degassing.

Was this your first internship?

No, I have done two internships back in India during my undergrad. But yes, this was my first internship in USA.

You are currently at University of Texas at Arlington? How did you land an internship in Pennsylvania?

Yes, I am presently studying in University of Texas at Arlington. In January, I started updating my resume and LinkedIn profile. I began searching for companies and making new connections on LinkedIn. The connections were mostly in powder metallurgical or other material science industries. I messaged a Vice President of Tenova who was based in Pittsburgh. After reviewing my profile and my past work experience, he informed me that his team will soon be working on a project which was related to my previous work experience. Having worked in that field before, he thought I was an apt candidate who could help with the project.

Do you miss Texas?

For the first week I was in Pittsburgh, I did miss Texas. As the days went by, I got busy with the internship and did not miss Texas as much. The best thing about Pittsburgh are its steeply sloped roads and the beautiful landscape. It is amazing to watch during sunset. The river valleys and elevated areas cause the cool weather, which I absolutely loved!

You are currently working on your master’s degree in material science? How did the internship help you?

Yes, I am pursuing my Master’s degree presently. This internship helped me fuse the concepts, which I learned previously. The internship experience also helped me enhance my communication skills and explore the wide field of steel making along with new technology.

What are some specific things that you learned?

Some of the highlights

  • Attending WebEx meetings and conference calls with some of the suppliers
  • Communicating with engineers in Canada and Italy who assisted me with my study
  • Communication with the process engineer and VP of steelmaking in the Pittsburgh office which helped me gain information on drafting some of the spreadsheets included in the project
  • Learning about the process and technology relevant to the project
  • Making official documents based on the study.

How can Tenova help out other students?

For students with a Material Science background and interested in taking their career forward, Tenova is a perfect platform. With the most pleasant people and a friendly working atmosphere, it will give you the encouragement and enthusiasm to complete your tasks with ease!

Summer internships can prove to be a valuable experience in your field. It might be somewhat difficult juggling between your academics and work, but summers can be a great opportunity for learning. While some of the students are amusing themselves with recreational activities during the summer break, you can take a step into the professional world.

When to start applying for internships?

Employers start looking for interns from December or January. Have your resume updated after your fall semester so that you can start applying. Some big firms start their search for interns as early as October to fill up their positions for next summer. Make sure you keep an eye on them. Who knows, your talent might attract them!

How to apply?

Though internships attract numerous students, when it comes to applying for it many students fail to do so in an accurate way.

  • Writing an effective resume and a cover letter is the preliminary step to get ahead of the curve. Get the assistance of the career development center in your college in case you need help.
  • Search for companies according to your areas of interest. A previous experience in that field will be an added advantage. If not, do not worry! You can still compose a strong cover letter expressing your willingness to work and why you will be a suitable candidate for the firm. It is important you read the company’s profile before you apply.
  • Attend the job fairs. Talk to recruiters and share your resume with them. Ask them about their company and opportunities for interns.
  • Work on your LinkedIn profile to get your online presence in order. A professional looking profile helps you highlight your background to prospective employers. Read online about tips on how you can optimize your profile before you grow your first-degree connections. Use a professional photo!
  • Valuable connections on LinkedIn play an important role for any job seeker. Grow your network by adding people with whom you have worked in the past. Make new connections by adding people who you think can be beneficial.
  • You can send polite messages to your employers for internship, giving them a precise information about yourself, your academic background, your work experience, and why you wanted to connect. Maintain professionalism and etiquettes when having conversation with an employer. Do not pester them if they do not respond to your messages. Employers are busy, give them time to get back to you. If they reply saying that they do not have vacancies at present, thank them, appreciating their time and continue your search. If your approach is correct, you will bag yourself an interview!
  • If an internship requires you to relocate, do not hesitate to accept it. Some large firms offer housing and relocation assistance. Even if your firm does not assist, do not be reluctant to go for it. If it is a paid internship, you will make enough money to pay your expenses in the new city!

What to expect from summer internship?

Internships provide a great platform for the students to have an off-campus learning experience. You will learn about the industry and its work culture. This will be a chance for you to make new connections in the industry, who can be your professional reference in future! Be sure to show your dedication in your performance and accomplish all the tasks given to you. If you get an excellent feedback from the employer, you can be a valuable asset to their industry for full time opportunities in the future!

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