My Favorite Engineering Podcasts

The Engineering Career Coach podcast is by far my favorite engineering podcast. Anthony Fasano along with Chris Knutson provide excellent career advice to engineers among many disciplines. Their topics cover certifications, goals, challenges, and continuing education. Every episode is filled with engineering career tips and challenges. Each show includes an exceptional live speaker or an engineer with real career challenges. They also cover items like mentoring, public speaking, organizational and much more. I cannot speak highly enough of this podcast.

Soft Skills Engineering is a podcast that helps software developers with soft skills such as presentations, public speaking, interviews, and job searching. If you’re not a software guy, don’t worry this podcast can help any engineer. Hosts Dave Smith and Jamison Dance answer soft skills engineering questions with poise, wisdom and terrible but amazing jokes. They bounce ideas off each other and I constantly laugh at their humility and humor. This podcast always brightens my day.


The Engineering and Leadership podcast is created by Pat Sweet. Pat is a well-spoken engineer who has one simple goal. To help as many engineers as he can make the most out of their career. He focuses on leadership and management. Pat states “Many engineers have what it takes to become leaders, but you need to actively develop those skills in order to thrive. I’ve been fortunate enough have the opportunity to develop those skills and put them to the test. Now, I want to share what I’ve learned for the betterment of the profession.” I am looking forward to Pat’s upcoming episodes.

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