Tenova MHS technology at AIST event

The meeting dedicated to the Big River Steel facility in USA has been the chance to present the excellence of our Material Handling System and to outline the details of the project developed for this complex.

Tenova Inc. supplied and commissioned a Material Handling System (MHS) for HBI, Alloys and Fluxes for a 165-ton DC EAF and LMFs of the Big River Steel facility located in Osceola, Ark., USA. In order to provide a better understanding of the system, design, engineering and commissioning, our colleagues Thomas A. Anderson, Project Engineer, and Kyle Shoop, Vice President at Tenova Inc., gave a presentation during the AIST event “Managing Technology, Big River Steel” that took place in Memphis in mid-September. “The event gave us the opportunity to present our capabilities and successes in front of more than 150 attendees” said Anderson.

The focus of the AIST event was to introduce new Big River Steel Facility to the steel community. Tenova Inc. presented the technology supplied there to highlight how our deep understanding of both the equipment and the melt shop process makes us leader in the area of providing complete melt shop material systems. On the contrary, most competing companies are strictly material handling equipment providers who are unable to provide the necessary in-house process expertise to design and supply a reliable and efficient melt shop material handling system.

Big River Steel has built the world’s first Flex Mill™, a steel mini-mill focused on the production of a wide product spectrum, including advanced automotive steels and electrical steels. The Big River Steel facility is designed to produce the largest range of hot strip dimensions possible using the latest thin-slab casting and rolling technologies. The US $1.3 billion Flex Mill combines the best of integrated mills and mini-mills.

“The relationships we have with the operating team of Big River Steel go back several years”, said Shoop “and the good result of this MHS project have enhanced these relationships. Big River has not stopped investing in new equipment and processes, so we hope to have interesting opportunities in the next few months for new projects with them”.


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