Why I Joined Toastmasters

What a miserable presentation! Bland statements, a monotone voice, and a poorly organized presentation. I was bored sitting in a room with dozens of engineers wondering if the fire exit would sound an alarm if I opened it.

The presenter was an intelligent engineer. A person who could design the next moon lander, if he could only reach his audience and stop reading from his PowerPoint slides. Before I snuck out the back door, I asked myself “would I be any better at presenting?” In my professional career, I have had only a handful of opportunities to speak in front of a large group. When I did speak, did the audience appreciate my message? Did they understand what I was trying to say or did I bore them just like the presentation I am witnessing? Once I reached my car, I googled speech coaching… there it was, Toastmasters. After a few club searches, I found one that was right down the road from my office. I sent an email immediately to attend a meeting. Boy, am I glad I did!

Moon Toastmasters is a fantastic group where you can practice building yourself both personally and professionally. Everyone at Moon Toastmasters is working towards the same goals of presenting, leading, and effective communication. Together they open up new capabilities and help individuals with confidence and motivation. Everyone at Moon Toastmasters is friendly and supportive.

I am currently working on my first presentation from the “Humorously Speaking” book and I cannot wait. The support from Moon Toastmasters has everything to do with that. I am really looking forward to learning better speaking and communication skills and adding them to my professional tool bag. I have even volunteered for some speeches at work. I cannot say enough good things about Moon Toastmasters. If you want to become an effective speaker with more confidence, I suggest joining.



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