Cristian Mori – Sr. Mgr. Test Engineering at iRobot

During my time at Tenova as Director of Automation, I had the pleasure of interacting with Thomas on several project.

Thomas excellent technical knowledge helped us to have a better understanding of processes and mechanism that we needed to automate. His insights help us avoid many potential problems that would have lengthen our commissioning. He has a strong work ethic and worked closely with my group above and beyond his duties in order to improve the final products.

Beside having excellent technical skills, demonstrated in many different commissioning, site services, tuning, etc., Thomas has a gift for customer relations.

I always appreciated his professional but open and friendly attitude, as well as his constructive and out of the box thinking. And while doing an excellent work, he dedicated time to gain his P.E.

Thanks for the great time together Tom; been a pleasure working with you.

Cristian Mori – Sr. Mgr. Test Engineering at iRobot

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