If you have met someone you would like to follow up for a job opportunity, send an email within a day to keep them in your mind.


Subject line: FolIow up from [location]


Hi [person or people’s names],


It was great to meet you on [day you met] at the [location or event]. I enjoyed our conversation about [mention a part of the conversation].

After we talked I did some research on [company you are interested in]. I am interested in discussing more about [company name] and projects like [name one from your discussions or from the company research, if applicable. Mention why you like the project]

As I mentioned at [place you met the contact person], I am a [mention your engineering education and experience as it relates to the project you are interested in]

Please let me know if you are able to pass my resume to the appropriate person.

I have attached it to this email.

Or if you prefer to give me a contact I can handle the introduction myself.

Thank you,

  • Your first name

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