If you are interested in a particular job here is a great email template for a “pitch”.


Subject line: Interested in an opportunity at [company name]


Hi [person or people’s names],

My name is [your name], and I am a _______ Engineer from ______.

I am interested in a job within the ______ industry and would like to learn more about your company and how I can add value to your organization. I have read through your website and noticed that [name something that the company focuses on and how you can relate or have experience in this area].

As a [student/engineer] at [school or company], I developed my skills for [industry] when [name how you got abilities or skills that can help the employer].

Here are a few more examples of my [experience , work, or skills]:

[example #1 Include link if applicable]

[example #2 Include link if applicable]

[example #3 Include link if applicable]

[examples can be blog posts, LinkedIn post, photos, videos]


I have attached my resume for your review. Please let me know if I can provide any more information.


Thank you for your time,

  • Your first name

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