Robert Ward of the Engineers’ Society of Western PA

I had the distinct opportunity to discuss student outreach with the future President of ESWP and Senior Vice President of Cannon Design, Robert Ward. Bob spends a considerable amount of time gathering volunteers and reaching out to young engineers. There are two programs he is involved with the University and STEM Outreach programs. Here is what he has to say:

One of ESWP’s most important Strategic Initiatives is to develop and support future engineers.  We do this in two paths:

College and University Outreach.  In addition to the major institutions in our region, we engage many smaller colleges and universities in support of other local future engineering talent.  We offer programs, mentoring, and interaction with professional engineers from our corporate members.  With our large, diverse, and prestigious group of member firms, we are in a good position help connect college students to potential internships, career development, and future employment.  We’d like to keep our local talent in our region to help support workforce needs, regional growth, and provide added value to our corporate members.  Our efforts also benefit the local colleges and universities we engage with.  It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN.

STEM Outreach:  The best way to capture potential future engineers is in the elementary – high school student cohort.  ESWP is dedicated to encouraging the “next generation” of engineers, through innovative, enjoyable, and hands-on learning opportunities.   These programs offer students the opportunity to learn by doing, alongside professional engineers, mentors, and teachers.  We sponsor and participate in many of these STEM programs to hopefully enlighten and encourage younger students towards the engineering and science professions.


Visit ESWP’s website here.

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