What do engineers do?

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Have you ever wondered what engineers do? Engineers answer the question how. How do we get to the moon? How do we cross a river and how do we fly like a bird? Engineers design, create, and innovate. We solve problems using the scientific method; a set of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring or correcting knowledge. An engineer works between scientific discoveries and the applications that meet societal and consumer needs.

We are problem solvers.

Engineers have specialties such as mechanical, electrical, civil, aerospace, and many more and each of the specialties can have subdivisions. Civil engineering, for instance, includes structural and transportation engineering. Mechanical engineering includes machine design, thermodynamics, fluids, and HVAC. They may specialize in one industry, such as automobiles, or in one type of technology, such as steel or steam turbines.

Engineers use the tools of science and mathematics to produce and analyze designs. We simulate and test how a machine, structure, or system operates in order to create technical specifications. All to monitor the quality of products and to control the efficiency of processes.

Engineers design many products from strings to satellites.

Engineers design products used in our every-day lives to missiles that launch into space. In addition, we apply the principles of science and mathematics to develop economical solutions to technical problems. To develop products, engineers must consider several factors. For example, in developing an industrial robot, engineers must determine and specify the functional requirements precisely. They must design and test the robot’s components and integrate the components to produce the design and finally evaluate the design’s overall effectiveness, cost, reliability, and safety. Subsequently, processes like this apply to the development of many different products, such as metals, phones, power plants, airplanes, and children’s’ toys.

Many engineers work in testing, production, and maintenance. They supervise factories, determine the causes of component failures, and test manufactured products for proper quality. Moreover, they estimate the time and cost required to complete projects.

Engineers are quite possibly the most underrated occupational group.

We build homes, offices, roads, bridges, hospitals, communication lines, waterworks, power systems and other infrastructures. Almost all the modern world uses computers; that were created by engineers. Furthermore, engineers created our modern society. As a result, we are important, very important.

What will engineers do next?

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13 Comments on “What do engineers do?

  1. My son would like to be an engineer someday. But I don’t think he really grasps what engineer is. I will definitely share this article to him.


  2. I like the phrase that engineers are problem solvers. From the tagged itself, the always find ways to make the plans real. To start something out of the plan, even if it’s impossible.


  3. It really depends on what type of engineer though. My brother is software engineer so in this case he is into creating programs than products.


  4. You are right..engineers are problem solvers..they created our modern world..uses result of scientific research to produce real life products that makes people’s lives easy…without engineers,I guess we will still be in the 13th century..


  5. Engineers form one of the most important cohort in the world. They are the guys who solve almost all of our problems.


  6. Nothing beat problem solving profession like engineering. Your jobs are really tasking and mental draining too.


  7. I have always been interested to be an engineer ever since i was a little boy i even knew the different branches of Engineering you’ve mentioned above. I guess its all because my dad is a mechanical engineer that really fascinated me but too bad i never achieved it. Great article though.


  8. Engineers have always fascinated me ever since i was a little boy. I wanted to be a mechatronic engineer then i went to college and almost went crazy studying for it so i had to switch.


  9. Sure, engineers are very important in the society. The build and construct all that we have in the world today.


  10. Im not surprised that engineers can do all the things they do by using the scientific method and they’re great problem solvers.


  11. Engineers are really something else when it comes to problem solving and the like, making lives of all people easier. I am always grateful that engineers are around to help us with the best of their abilities and make our world a better place.


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