StemCast – 10 Qualities That Get Young Professionals Hired

This podcast is a discussion around everything that affects women in STEM fields and hosts interviews with women in STEM. The purpose of this podcast is to support women in their STEM careers and provide a community for them

In this episode, Elisabeth and Jess discuss “10 qualities that get young professionals hired.” The post they discuss was originally made by Thomas A. Anderson on LinkedIn here:

12 Comments on “StemCast – 10 Qualities That Get Young Professionals Hired

  1. Is good to get advice about what to do to improve chaces of being hired, Is not eassy to look for the rigth work these days.


  2. I have some weaknesses which are mentioned in the audio. Although, I didn’t know that not asking a question contributes to not being hired.


  3. This information couldn’t be more apt..a lot of young people who fail interviews are unaware of areas they are getting it wrong.This will be an eye opener for all job seekers


  4. These are good tips to land a good job. We really need to practice this.


  5. I agree that an interview is not just about answering questions. It’s how you understand each question and how you present yourself to your potential employer by being aware of and understand what you are getting into. It’s really great that you shared this very informative podcast.


  6. These are excellent tips and I will be sure to adopt some of the mentioned qualities. Thanks for the informative post, kindly post more of this nature.


  7. Very relevant information for every job applicant. Coming up with appropriate interview questions, understanding the company culture and always looking for growth in the network and respective field are amazing ways to get ahead. Having drive, passion and commitment are also very important. Thanks for the helpful podcast.


  8. I agree with you. Following key important people in the industry you are interested in is a great way for job searching. Add as many as you can and get commenting on their posts.


  9. LinkedIn is a great platform to begin your job search and build your profile. It gives you an opportunity to connect with professional and tell them what you can do for them as well.


  10. As young professional trying to get my place in the job market, this is more than helpful for me. Connecting with the right people on LinkedIn as a platform and building your brand can speak volumes for you.


  11. This is why SWOT is still used today even if it is already cliche and I agree know your strength and weaknesses that way it is easier for you to pinpoint what and where you should be.


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