Fake Job Posts

Fake job posts are everywhere. They anger, discourage and disappoint job seekers. As a result, job seekers become discouraged about the job market, their capabilities, and may change their career track.

Why? Because job seekers believe that the lack of responses to online job applications means there are no jobs in their field.

For recent graduates, fake or unfilled job posts can be even more discouraging. They apply to hundreds of online applications, get a couple, if any, responses and take the first job that comes along. Even if they are not interested in the type of work. The beginning of their career is very important. Starting with a job you dislike can lead to difficulties in the future.

So, why would someone create a fake job post and waste the time of all the applicants? A fake job post can be intentional or even unintentional. For instance:

  • Employers can use fake job posts to gauge the talent pool
  • Employers don’t always fill open jobs
  • Recruiters can use your resume to stockpile information
  • Employer can leave job posting up long after the job is filled
  • Some job posting are ads for recruiting firms

A lack of feedback from an application sucks, but it’s going to happen. Before you invest your time applying online do your best to determine if the job posting is genuine. A little research today can save you a lot of time and frustration. Remember, online applications are fraught with scams, ATS software, fake job posts, and advertisements. So, be careful and don’t get stressed out.

Have you experienced fake job posts?




13 Comments on “Fake Job Posts

  1. I totaly agree. Lat time that I looked for job I found many fake job alerts and i started to identify the signals to avoid wasting my timeD


  2. I think this happened many times to me. I applied with several jobs but I don’t receive responses most of the time. Maybe they are really fake jobs.


  3. I don’t know why they do it. It’s really a total waste of time for jobseekers. People are looking for a job to earn and the last thing they want is to have wasted their time on fake jobs.


  4. Thankfully I haven’t been a victim of fake job posts. Knowing that these exist, I will be more careful.


  5. Nothing frustrate one than applying for a fake job..this fake job posts are everywhere… One needs to do a thorough research before applying for a job..it saves one a lot of headache


  6. Fake job post is very common nowadays especially in social media. It is very frustrating waiting for an update after applying. It is very frustrating.


  7. It is sometimes very hard to distinguish fake job posts from genuine ones. One really needs thorough research before deciding to send a resume towards every job post that they see.


  8. Fake job posts are real. Some job websites post fake jobs just to keep traffic coming to their websites. Some also leave the job there long after it has expired just to direct traffic to their sites.


  9. Its very embarassing to find that a job that you applied for is fake. It kills even your morale for searching a job online.


  10. It’s frustrating that an employer would go to so much effort to make a fake job post. It’s definitely important to assess every post to make sure it’s valid. Thanks for the reminder.


  11. This is definitely a good thing to be mindful of. I hate the idea of wasting time and effort responding to a job post only to find that it’s invalid.


  12. I guess scams are in this category too. We should be careful. In this day and age there are a lot of those now.


  13. It is so sad how this fake job posts are such a common occurrence online these days. I agree that a little research will definitely go a long way.


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