What Skills Will You Need in the Future?

Future Skills Outlook 2022
1. Manual dexterity, endurance and precision
2. Memory, verbal, auditory and spatial abilities
3. Management Of financial, material resources
4. Technology installation and maintenance
5. Reading, writing, math and active listening
6. Management Of personnel
7. Quality control and safety awareness
8. Coordination and time management
9. Visual, auditory and speech abilities
10. Technology use, monitoring and control
1. Analytical thinking and innovation
2. Active learning and learning strategies
3. Creativity, originality and initiative
4. Technology design and programming
5. Critical thinking and analysis
6. Complex problem-solving
7. Leadership and social influence
8. Emotional intelligence
9. Reasoning, problem-solving and ideation
10. Systems analysis and evaluation
Source: Future of Jobs Report 2018, World Economic Forum

11 Comments on “What Skills Will You Need in the Future?

  1. I will need Analytical thinking and innovation,Technology use, monitoring and control and also technology design and programming..


  2. This is what a good traits are. Having these traits will help you find a good job.


  3. It’s sad to see a lot of those skills declining. I mean, we still need things like personnel management to a degree to make sure our business is running smoothly without problems.


  4. I love the way you have listed these skills, because most of them are life skills as opposed to academic skills. You may not learn them in a classroom, but in life.


  5. There was this research that says that sciences are being neglected by students. I think its best for those pursuing sciences.


  6. I think its high time we put more emphasis on these areas. It will be a problem in the coming future.


  7. I will need differet skills for my busiess project, but I definitely will have to work more on creativity, originality and initiative Management of financial.


  8. To sum it up we have to be tech based and manual stuff is reduced? I do not know if everyone could do it. We are not geniuses mostly after all.


  9. This is a very interesting article, certainly gets me thinking. I think I would need leadership and social influence skills.


  10. This list of skills is actually quite overwhelming to me. I see that I really need to step up my game or I’m will get left behind.


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