9 Traits of Great Engineers

What makes a great engineer? Why did Edison go on after 1,000 failures? Similarly, why did Ford pursue his idea of a motorized car while everyone was satisfied with horse-drawn carriages? What led Leonardo Di Vinci to become the biggest visionary of all time?

Great engineers are responsible for many of the best inventions and technology that makes our existence possible.

Do you have these traits?

Strong Analytics – Analytical skills are required to examine problems and think of ways to improve.

Passion – Passion, drive, and motivation all lead to an attitude about your career that will lead you to success. Want more passion? Find something you enjoy.

Communication Skills – Complex problem-solving requires concise and accurate communications. You need to be able to translate your specialized knowledge into terms everyone can understand.

Attention to Detail – Engineering projects are complex and a small mistake during planning, development, or construction can lead to failure. As a result, a failed project may lose money or worse yet, injure someone.

Creativity – Solving new problems requires creativity for solutions. Try thinking outside the box. It’s critical to solving complex engineering problems.

Logical Thinking – Great engineers can make sense of complex systems. They understand how things work and how problems arise. Hence, they are great at using the principals of science.

Team Player – Engineers rarely work alone. Working with different types of people is an everyday event. Applying team skills to communications helps to simplify and prioritize issues. So, you need character and integrity to allow people to trust and rely on you. This way you can all work together efficiently.

Technical Knowledge – A great engineer has vast amounts of technical knowledge. They use this knowledge and apply it to different circumstances and issues. Great engineers use their past experiences to solve new problems. Be sure to document your findings.

Lifetime Learning – Great engineers stay on top of the latest technology. Changes happen rapidly. The most successful engineers know new research and ideas. They use the latest technology to improve designs and processes. As a result they are at the top of their game. What technologies are you missing?

What do you think? Let me know what it takes to be great!




11 Comments on “9 Traits of Great Engineers

  1. Didn’t know passion was one of these traits. The rest seem reasonable too, like skills that engineers should have, but I suppose passion is what drives everyone to be great.


  2. A good engineer must be skilled, team player and must pay attention to details.. some of this traits apply to non engineers too..


  3. This are great values for not only engineers but anyone who want to succeed in life. They are the key basic qualities that will make you standout.


  4. These skills are the one that sell you as a professional. You need to be able to communicate to convince them that you can offer what you say you can offer.


  5. Without good communication skills you cannot excel anywhere in the world. Relationships are important if you have to grow in any career field.


  6. Engineers are skilful people and as such there should have some traits like you just mentioned up there like passion and communication skills.


  7. My father was an engineer. I can pretty much confirm that he has all those traits. It really worked wonders for his career as a whole.


  8. You just listed them the way it should be. I hope engineers get to read this, I know they’re humans too without flaw but they can do better.


  9. I am loving this article and looking forward to sharing it with a friend who wishes to be an engineer. Those are really great qualities that I wish more of us could adopt into our careers.


  10. It is like the so called traits of a leader!!! What I mean is having different criteria is cool but at the end it all comes down to attitude. At the end the criteria can and cannot be correct. It depends on the person.


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