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I had the distinct opportunity to discuss student outreach with the future President of ESWP and Senior Vice President of Cannon Design, Robert Ward. Bob spends a considerable amount of time gathering volunteers and reaching out to young engineers. There are two programs he is involved with the University and STEM Outreach programs. Here is what he has to say:

One of ESWP’s most important Strategic Initiatives is to develop and support future engineers.  We do this in two paths:

College and University Outreach.  In addition to the major institutions in our region, we engage many smaller colleges and universities in support of other local future engineering talent.  We offer programs, mentoring, and interaction with professional engineers from our corporate members.  With our large, diverse, and prestigious group of member firms, we are in a good position help connect college students to potential internships, career development, and future employment.  We’d like to keep our local talent in our region to help support workforce needs, regional growth, and provide added value to our corporate members.  Our efforts also benefit the local colleges and universities we engage with.  It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN.

STEM Outreach:  The best way to capture potential future engineers is in the elementary – high school student cohort.  ESWP is dedicated to encouraging the “next generation” of engineers, through innovative, enjoyable, and hands-on learning opportunities.   These programs offer students the opportunity to learn by doing, alongside professional engineers, mentors, and teachers.  We sponsor and participate in many of these STEM programs to hopefully enlighten and encourage younger students towards the engineering and science professions.


Visit ESWP’s website here.

If you are interested in a particular job here is a great email template for a “pitch”.


Subject line: Interested in an opportunity at [company name]


Hi [person or people’s names],

My name is [your name], and I am a _______ Engineer from ______.

I am interested in a job within the ______ industry and would like to learn more about your company and how I can add value to your organization. I have read through your website and noticed that [name something that the company focuses on and how you can relate or have experience in this area].

As a [student/engineer] at [school or company], I developed my skills for [industry] when [name how you got abilities or skills that can help the employer].

Here are a few more examples of my [experience , work, or skills]:

[example #1 Include link if applicable]

[example #2 Include link if applicable]

[example #3 Include link if applicable]

[examples can be blog posts, LinkedIn post, photos, videos]


I have attached my resume for your review. Please let me know if I can provide any more information.


Thank you for your time,

  • Your first name

Email signature

If you have met someone you would like to follow up for a job opportunity, send an email within a day to keep them in your mind.


Subject line: FolIow up from [location]


Hi [person or people’s names],


It was great to meet you on [day you met] at the [location or event]. I enjoyed our conversation about [mention a part of the conversation].

After we talked I did some research on [company you are interested in]. I am interested in discussing more about [company name] and projects like [name one from your discussions or from the company research, if applicable. Mention why you like the project]

As I mentioned at [place you met the contact person], I am a [mention your engineering education and experience as it relates to the project you are interested in]

Please let me know if you are able to pass my resume to the appropriate person.

I have attached it to this email.

Or if you prefer to give me a contact I can handle the introduction myself.

Thank you,

  • Your first name

Email signature

If you have received a business card and would like to follow up, send a polished email within a week. You can make a friend or expand your network.


Subject line: It was nice to meet you at [location]


Hi [person or people’s names],


It was great to meet you on [day you got the business card] at the [location or event]. I enjoyed our conversation about [mention a part of the conversation].

I have included my contact information below in my email signature.

[If you want to do business with this person, mention the services that you or your company offers. You can say things like “as we discussed my company offers specialized engineering services and would be happy to discuss any ways we could work together”]

[Maybe you would like to discuss a job opportunity. You could say something like “we discussed job opportunities with your company and I would like to learn about how I can help your company succeed]

[maybe you are looking for freelance opportunities. You could attach some recent work or a portfolio for review]


Thank you for your time,

  • Your first name

Email signature

I had the opportunity to attend this years’ 75th Fall Conference for Toastmasters District 13! What a great way to meet new people and learn about communication and leadership! Thank you to everyone involved. It was such a great time.

Competent Communicator

After months of practicing, memorizing, and power pointing I was able to earn my Competent Communicator!! Thank you Moon Toastmasters for all of your support. It’s been a great journey and a very educational experience.

I had the privilege of speaking to 25 Electrical Engineering seniors yesterday (10/23/17).

I would like to thank Mike Bright for letting me into his classroom and Taylor Bombalski for setting up the presentation. I had such a good time providing whatever knowledge I can to Engineers entering the field. I wish each of them the best as they transition from students to engineering professionals.

ESRG Group reached 1000 Members today! That’s 999 connections to the engineering world! Nice job guys!

Second Place at the Humorous Speech Contest. Not bad. Had a great time. Thanks my Moon Toastmasters Group for cheering me on!

Why Communication is so Important

Do you remember the telephone game?

In school, you and your classmates try to pick a phrase and “pass it on” by whispering it to the person next to you. Then the phrase is passed from person to person until the last person announces the phrase. How much did the phrase change during the game? As people relay message from one person to the other the message will often be distorted.

While the game is a lot of fun. It teaches us important lessons.

  • If you do not receive information from a reliable source, you may not get the correct information. It turns into gossip.
  • If you do not produce information properly, it will not be received as planned

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Kelsey Asher – Aubrey Silvey

“When I think of an engineer, I think of someone who looks at the world as a dynamic, ever-changing force that requires innovative professionals to make the most out of what they are given. The ESRG LinkedIn group proves an excellent example of up and coming young engineers taking their careers into their own hands, learning from each other, the latest industry trends, and best practices. As a Corporate Communications Specialist at Aubrey Silvey Enterprises Inc., I am impressed with the tenacity of these group members and their willingness to use technology to further their engineering goals.” – Kelsey Asher Aubrey Silvey Enterprises Inc.

“Thomas and his Engineers, Students, and Recent Graduate (ESRG) community has been a big help and inspiration to me personally. He supports thousands of young engineers with advice, and when someone needs help, I’m always happy to see the level of engagement in the group. It takes years for engineers to recognize the skills required to have a successful career. It’s group’s like ESRGs and leaders like Thomas who help us have a better career!”  Jake Voorhees – The 1% Engineer Society